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person is using neupogen and hasn't seen doctor, I am just wondering what might be the effects of too many white blood cells that have been forced into the body
That's a terrible idea. Why are they using it? Cancer patients use that after chemo and radiation to get their white count up, and I'm sure immunosuppresed patients do to. Adverse affects? You're directly stimulating the bone marrow progenitor cells to pump out white cells. I don't know, it would depend if the person is actualy in need of it. If they are then they are bringing their numbers up to normal. If they aren't or are using it when their count was normal, then there won't be enough metabolites in the bone marrow for all the other cells so you won't be making red cells or platelets? Too many white cells will make your blood viscous and thick. This is a relative though, I don't know what the situation is. Why are they taking neupogen?