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Hi: My Rheumatologist wants me to try this, or Cymbalta, for nerve pain. Sorry I don't have any specific info on it, other than I know it's used for that type of pain. You could get more info on this if you ask your question on the Pain Mgte Board here at Healthboards. Many people are taking one of the nerve meds (Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta etc) for pain, so you could probably get your question answered, about side effects, there.

Are you having surgery for the compression fracture? Like Kyphoplasty or Vertebroplasty or something else?

I took Neurontin for nerve pain years ago, but had to stop because it's contraindicated for people with glaucoma, which I have. Let us know what you find out, as I'm trying to get the same info as well. You could also look at the Back Problems Board, for posts on Lyrica, since there are some there taking it.:wave:
Hi Andrew Welcome!!!! I'm trying to decide between Lyrica and Cymbalta. I also have sciatica in both legs, from many back surgeries (fusion/hardware) and one where the pedical screws came out and went through the sciatic.

I hope you don't have to have surgery, but if the epidurals etc didn't work, have you tried all the other non surgical stuff? I'm referring to PT, trigger point injections, facet joint injections-all the differing injections they give. Unfortunately a lot of people only get temp relief from those, but some get great results.

Would you agree that Lyrica is only for nerve pain, and NOT for joint, bone, or muscle pain, because that is what I hear. Does this med cause any visual side effects like-blurred vision, double vision, halos, peripheral vision loss? I took Neurontin after my last back surgery and it just about did me in. I didn't know that if you had glaucoma you weren't suppose to take it plus, it caused tremendous swelling and numbness in the hands and feet. I know Lyrica is a different drug than Neurontin, but similar in many ways as well.

I had to stop the Neurontin after 2 days, because I coudn't see much of anything, or read, plus the swelling and numbness made it very hard to get around after just being released from the hospital and then not being able to see on top of that was very frightening. I doesn't sound like Lyrica/Cymbalta cause as many vision problems like Neurontin, but I wondered if that happened to you.

If you do have surgery I wish you all the luck in the world, because there are so many that have success-I just wasn't one of them.

Is Lyrica also for depression or "just" nerve pain? I was told that anyone who has chronic pain doesn't sleep normally, and that if I took Cymbalta/Lyrica that would help with that as well. I've also heard people say the exact same thing you did about the sleeping problem with Lyrica. My dr said that chronic pain sufferers never reach the REM stage of sleep so you "never" get that restorative sleep that you need to combat pain and injuries. I'm wondering if Cymbalta/Lyrica, if I decide to take one of them, will actually help with the sleep prob, since the Lyrica is causing that problem for you. I haven't sleep much in the last 15 years with the pain waking me up so I was hoping for something that might work, since sleep meds don't (tried them all).

Good Luck, do you have osteoporosis as well??:wave:
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]The Cymbalta was prescribed to me for depression but I was told it was for pain too. I don't know how much it's working, because I still have a great deal of pain, but it could be WORSE without the Cymbalta.

I also take Neurontin for pain but my endocrinologist (different from who prescribed the Cymbalta) wanted me to stop the Neurontin because it's adverse for people with osteopororis (as is Topomax, which she had me stop altogether). She wanted to replace the Neurontin with the Lyrica.

I'll check out the surgeries you mentioned, although I don't know how old some of my fractures are. I know some are several years old and have already "healed". I get compression fractures and don't even know it until I get an x-ray or MRI. I just know my back hurts really bad.

But I'll definitely mention it to my doctor because I go back on Monday.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Hi: If your fractures are not "new" and I'm not sure how "new" they have to be, then they can't do those 2 procedures I mentioned. 30 % of all compression fractures go undiagnosed, so I'm constantly checking with x-rays since I've had 6 already, in the spine.

The Cymbalta is only for nerve pain, so if you're like me, and have muscle, joint, and bone pain the Cymbalta won't work for those types of pain, only nerve pain (radiating burning pain usually down the leg and into the joints along the leg: hip, knee, ankle, feet, tail bone, groin, buttocks etc).

I had horrific probs with the Neurontin, and I didn't know that Neurontin and Topomax was contraindicated for Osteoporosis. Thanks for telling me!!!

If I try some samples, of either the Lyrica or Cymbalta I'll let you know, even though it sounds like you made up your mind already. :wave:
[QUOTE=paprbkrtr;3058809][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I also take Neurontin for pain but my endocrinologist (different from who prescribed the Cymbalta) wanted me to stop the Neurontin because it's adverse for people with osteopororis (as is Topomax, which she had me stop altogether). She wanted to replace the Neurontin with the Lyrica.

paprbkrtr, I'm curious... where did you see/hear that Neurontin is not good for those with osteoporosis? My dr. prescribed Lyrica a few weeks ago, which is Pfizer's successor to Neurontin (from what I understand they are basically the same ingredient), and have researched it quite a bit but have never run across any information that said it could hurt those with osteoporosis.

I was very concerned about some of the side effects, but so far it hasn't been bad and has helped a bit but the doctor prescribed 150mg at bedtime and I'm only taking 75mg. Maybe one of these days, I'll be brave enough to start 150mg and see if it helps more than a little bit.
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]There was a ad for Topomax in a magazine and my sister was scanning it and in fine print it said not to use it if you have Osteopororis. She highlighted, gave it to me, and I took it to my endocrinologist.

My endo doc said yes, that's correct, "seizure medication" is bad for people with osteo. I take the Topomax to prevent migraines, BTW, as I don't have seizures.

My endo doc then said the Neurontin is also an anti-seizure drug and I really shouldn't be taking that either because both it and Topomax are counterindicative with my bone disease.

Then she prescribed Lycria to replace the Neurontin, but I believe THAT'S an anti-seizure drug too, so I don't understand why she wanted to change.

After all this, I got online and read about Topomax and Neurontin and both said the same thing; not for use with people with Osteo.

Good luck with your Lyrica. I'd like to hear how it works out for you when you increase the dosage.