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Just curious.......???????? How long do people generally stay on pain meds for one level spinal (posterior) fusions...Mine's at L3-L4....This coming Tuesday will be 7 weeks post-op...Pain is bearable, most uncomfortable when sitting for more than 20 minutes...Taking Darvocet every 6 hours and 100 mg of Neurontin at bedtime....Of course my family is already telling me they think I'm addicted cause I sometimes set my alarm during the night to remind me.......My Dr. says it's ok to continue..Just curious what others have found??

ALSO...........I have found that the 6 week mark was a real turning point, finally feeling a bit better every day...Taking my 20 minute walks every day and more outside of late, the weather here in Connecticut is getting better.

Looking forward to a Spring I can finally enjoy and maybe even swim this summer...Last Summer I couldn't swim at all, the sciatica pain was unbearable prior to surgery....The pain is better now, but I do have residual pain in my butt where the sciatica was before...My surgeon found my L4 nerve to be VERY compromised.....so the residual pain is to be expected..I just pray it's temporary...

Anxious to hear other's feedback..

Thanks all and Happy Easter........