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:wave: Hi Nummy,
Just wanted to welcome you to this board although I am sorry about your back problems. I am fairly new to the board myself and had my first back surgery on Jan.29th were they go through the abdomen to get to the disc and put in the titanium cages. I had a very bad infection in my incision once I got home which was painful and also caused a delay for the second surgery. The last part was done on March 5th and they went in the back and put in the rods and screws. This was done on the L5/S1. I also had another incisional infection with that surgery and then a really bad reaction to Neurontin which took me a week to get over. I am still pretty weak from all of it and still in pain and depressed because I wish I could do my yard work. But I couldn't do my yard work last year either but at least I feel hopeful that my gardening days will return once I recover from this surgery. I had put up with my back pain for several years because I also had problems with the cervical spine.

It sounds to me like you're doctor is doing all the required tests to help diagnose. I did physical therapy and epidural steroid injections before doing the surgery but the pain just kept getting worse so I am not disappointed with the surgery.

Take care