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Hi Liz
I just wanted to welcome you to the board. It sure sounds like you have been through a lot but have a positive attitude. Your surgery makes my surgery seem like an ingrown toenail.

I had an ALIF on L5/S1 on January 29th and then the incision got infected and they had to postpone my other surgery, the PLIF, to be done on March 5th and had another infection with that incision. I then had a terrible reaction to Neurontin for my nerve pain so that knocked me down for another week. My family always says that I can make it through the surgery great but it is my recovery period that knocks it all out of me.

Congratulations on your weight loss. If I don't start getting a little more activity myself I am going on a starvation diet.:D I know some of this medicine I am on puts on the weight and my sister keeps telling me to stop worrying about that for now but I still get disgusted.

Take care of youself and don't overdo with the house chores.