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Hi diet,

I'm glad to hear you made it through the mylogram. The upper back pain you are experiencing sounds so scary. What is up with the jitters and such? I feel so bad for you. I haven't experienced anything like that coming off of any meds for a few days and don't want to either!!! They put me on cymbalta last year and I got so rock bottom depressed, I couldn't even function. Didn't want to get out of my pj's much less take a shower. Needless to say after about a week 1/2 they took me off of it. I'm glad you can tolerate it as it is supposed to be so good for the nerve pain. I have yet to find anything to work for my spasms in my leg/foot. They just upped my neurontin but it doesn't help either. :( I know you already know this but I will continue to keep you on my prayer list. Lots of ((((((((hugs))))))) your way. Gentle ones of course!

Lisa (formerly llincoln I'm still me, just changed my screen name and want my buddies to know I am still here)