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Hi, All,
I am a 30s woman and I have been dealing with low back pain and sciatica for about a year now. I didn't deal with it sooner because I had neck pain and had surgery on that last year (ACDF C5-6). I'm upset because my MRI says that things are not serious, but I AM IN PAIN!!! I cannot believe more didn't come up.

L2-3 Mild Facet Hypertrophy
L3-4 Mild to moderate Facet Hypertrophy
L4-5 Mild to moderate Facet Athrosis
L5-S1 Mild to moderate Facet Hypertrophy
No Focal Disc Herniation or Stenosis.

Essentially Normal study, mild to moderate facet hypertrophy

That's it. I am kind of shocked, considering I had severe spinal cord compression a year ago in my cervical area. I know what pain is like. How could my MRI be "essentially normal"? Any advice from you lower back experts would be great.

PS - I am going to PT 2x/wk and taking Neurontin 300mg/day.

Thanks so much,