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Hey tmv thanks for asking and I have been following your postings also. I wish I could tell you that I am feeling GREAT but that isn't the truth. This past week I started having really bad back pain on the left and have a hard time sitting for very long. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and when I got up I was numb completely on the left side from the waist down to the knee including my pelvic area. I don't know what is going on because I am so uncomfortable unless I am sitting back in my recliner. I told my husband today that I was hoping to be so much further along in recovery then I am and that I am so depressed about it.

I don't have my doctor's appt. until the end of June so maybe things will be better by then. I don't like the percocet they have me on because it doesn't seem to help my pain and I can't take any of the nerve medications (neurontin and Lyrica) because of severe reactions. I am also having more pain in my cervical area also and have already had two surgeries there. It seems to be nerve pain because it is burning in the scapula area as always. I ended up getting up wrong out of my recliner one day and pulled my abdominal incision and that was sore for about 10 days but is better now. I guess I am really sounding like a whiner right now so I apologize for that.

I am also having trouble with my arthritis in my knees and my rheumatologist started me on some new medicine last week but not working yet. I just can't seem to stay up on my feet for very long even though I try and walk for my exercise. My husband got our pool open today but the water is still too cold for me but I am looking forward to getting in there and maybe that making me feel better.

I have been reading your posts and I know you aren't completely satisfied either---are you? Are you still having back pain and nerve pain too? Can you stay up on your feet for very long? What all are you able to do?

I keep reminding myself that it hasn't been that long because my last surgery was March 5th so I need to give myself more time but with the beautiful weather we are having it is depressing when you can't enjoy the things you use to do. Take care and let me know how you are doing also.

Gentle hugs:)
I am so sorry you are still feeling so bad. I know we both had our surgeries kinda together mine was March 28. I have started to be able to walk about 3 blocks and then of course i only do it when i have my kids there with me and i hold one of their hands on the way back cause i am swerving bad.

I manage to give the house a good cleaning and get outside several times to play a little bal with the kids saturday night. no bending of course!! Then later that night i went to shower and my left foot was hurting really bad like it used to and it was swollen. Oh it was hurting on the top where i was told that was your S-1 nerve? And of course friday night i made one graduation and could not sit sll the way through it. With the pain in butt into back of right thigh.

I wish my doctor would see what it is but i get so mad they just tell me that i knew of the risks that i may never be pain free but this is someties controlled with the neurontin and sometimes not and i have tried to call for pain meds but i can never get that doctor so i have been without for about 2 weeks. The only reason i dont go t another dr. is i have no insurance and this is a teaching hospital that goes off your income and i recently got a letter saying i am free care till 2009. And i cried so hard that meaning my surgery is paid for!! Cause i know what Emily said hers cost and i would like to know what mine did but i am so glad we do not have to worry with it.

You can whine or complain or anything you want especially to me cause i know exactly what you feel. I am very interested in knowing how you come out and what happens. I go back to see the dr. June 27 myself and have a page of questions- that was a good idea whoever said it cause i know i forget at the time so when i am thinking of it i write it down. But please do let me know!