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This is my first post so first off I’d like to say hi to everyone :wave:

I’ve been struggling with back pain for several years, more on that in later posts

I wondered what everyone’s experiences were with headaches after a Myelogram. I had one just over 2 weeks ago and have had a moderate headache for just over a week, it is relieved after about 30 minutes of lying down and starts again about 5 minutes after getting up. I often get headaches anyway but not usually every day for a week. I called the radiology place today and they said that there is a 50/50 chance that the headache was caused by the hole not sealing up (they say 50/50 because normally the headache relieves immediately on lying down and starts immediately on standing up) the possible cure being a blood patch which I don't want to go through unless I have to.

When I say a moderate headache that would be after my regular doses of Neurontin, Soma and Hydrocodone!!