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I have chronic nerve pain, since my fusions several years ago. I was on Neurontin, but they have just recently changed it to Lyrica. The Dr. told me that she wanted me to get up to 3 50 mg. pills a day, but to start at 1 at night time, due to sleepyness. then, as i got use to that side affect, to up it to 2 pills and then 3 pills. I was definately sleepy, the 1st 2 nights, then I upped it to 2 pills for 2 more days and by he 5th day, I was up to all 3 pills...without any side affects. I can't tell if is is really working yet or not...and don't know if it takes time. But I also agree with both the Bio-freeze and ice. The Bio-freeze is sold online as well as at many Chiro. offices and P/T offices. I go to a Chiro. office, to purchase it, and I don't even go to them for service. I just went in and asked if they sell it and they not only do, but they keep giving me samples that they have.

Good luck with the Lyrica. If it begins to work, please let us know. I am curious how long it takes to work, jsut as you are.:angel: