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Mark you got some excellent advice from Pepper and Billy. You are definitely in your the early stages of your recovery so take it easy but like Pepper said call your doctor and let him know that the medication may not be helping like it should.

I had my L5/S1 fusion anterior and posterior January and March of this year and I am still recovering and still on pain medication. Some days are good days and then we all still have our bad days but I know I did the right thing with surgery.

Don't try and push yourself too much. The surgeon had home health come by my house for 3 weeks after surgery and they didn't have me do too much walking. I would walk around my living room and large kitchen but they didn't push it especially if they checked my blood pressure and it was up. I had terrible nerve pain in my legs when I got home and the doctor put me on Neurontin but unfortunately I couldn't take it due to a severe reaction. Just give yourself time that is what you need most and medication.

Gentle Hugs