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Well, here I am in trouble again with my back. So sorry to see so many familar 'faces' but I am glad to see the same caring and wonderful support that helped me through some very rough surgery years (failed fusions and revisions at L4-5). I've been busy dealing with some other health issues for which I am preparing for a next big abdominal surgery in Sept. Ok, so what's up? I've been having mostly sciatic, left leg pain issues for many months but it was mild until January. Things have gotten worse and I let my surgeon know I was not able to cope with this level of pain with only neurontin and motrin. In fact, I won't be able to take any NSAIDs at all after my Sept surgery. Talk about terrifying.
My doc wants me to have a nerve root block for diagnostic purposes. I'm going down to Boston for that on Wednesday. My paperwork says "Pain Selective Nerve Root". Opinions and sage expertise needed, please? The real scoop? Is this just a shot or a pain-inducing procedure? I've had many epidurals and they have ranged from "no big deal" to true ordeals with tanked BP and many hours of IV therapy and severe reactions to the steroids and so on. I know I will be IV'd for this and I think sedated to some degree. I also know I have to cope with it regardless but I don't rely on docs anymore for realistic expectations. I rely on you. Thanks so much, Suzy-Q
Hello Tigg and thanks for the reply. No, I can take opiates. It is just that I am not on any narcotic pain meds since about a year ago. I had revision fusion surgery in '06 and felt good enough to be off pain meds about a year later. I still had nerve pain so I stayed on the neurontin and that worked well enough for many months. If needed, my surgeon would refer me to pain mgmt but it hasn't happened as yet. Right now he is focused on trying to see if this pain is coming from the level below my fusion and so on.

I'm not sure I understand you exactly. Your nerve block procedure was as easy as epidurals? Did you get the Rx for pain meds for home or was this administered to help you get thru the procedure? I guess I'm trying to learn if the nerve block procedure itself is likely to be difficult? Thanks again - Suzy-Q