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just wanted to say sorry that your dad is dealing with this. My poor hubby has nerve pain from severe neuropathy and my mother had MS for years before passing away last year with some nerve pain. It can be difficult to treat and usually not much in the way of cure.
I would hope that your neurologist would listen to you! I don't see why suggesting a higher dose should be a problem,maybe he'll have an answer that makes sence. Also, you might suggest trying a different drug. My HB was on lyrica briefly and it did nothing for his pain and he had side effects besides. When he switched to Neurontin, he got some relief for his pain, with fewer side effects. Sometimes it takes trial and error, and I hope that he finds something that will help him. If his doctor won't listen or try things, then I'd consider shopping around for someone who will. Best wishes to you both.
Lyrica is one of those drugs where there isn't a lot of room between a "low" dose and a "high" dose. One reason doctors like to prescribe Lyrica over neurontin is because the patient needs less of it to get results. The therapeutic dosage ofr Lyrica is 150 mgs. This is the amount that the vast majority respond to without incurring side effects.

Unless your dad's doctor gives you a good reason why your dad can't take a larger amount, I certainly think it would be worth a try.