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Leslie I agree with Paula that you put the voice to everything we all think about at times and just don't say it. Both of you have gone through some major surgeries and a very STRICT recovery period. I admire both of you because you are making it through these restrictions and I am surprised you haven't had more down days. I don't know how people don't gain weight after back surgery because most of the medications cause us to gain weight. When I was on the Neurontin I gained 12 lbs in 3/4 days. Luckily Home Health was coming by and working with me and when she saw my legs she immediately called my doctor. I had shown them to my husband and he had said he couldn't tell they were that bad. When I had my infection in my abdominal incision I of course asked him to check it because I couldn't see it real well. He kept telling me it was okay and I should stop worrying. I finally had my daughter look at it and she really laid into him because she said "Dad-she has an infection". She has worked for years with a Veterinarian so she knew how to tell something was wrong even if I am not a dog or cat.(ha!ha!). I know he loves me but sometimes he is so impossible. He was always on me about my pain medication also and I finally told him I would take care of my own medication. I told him tonight how bad I felt after having that knee surgery yesterday and he said "Well get off your feet". I told him I would gladly sit down if my kitchen didn't look like such a mess and dishes needed to be done. He just doesn't let a dirty house bother him but it sure does me.

Well you two hang in there and gentle hugs your way. You are both such an inspiration to so many but I know how those days can get so come and vent.

Take care