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Hey Kathy it sounds like you have been through quiet a bit. I also had the 360 anterior/posterior lumbar fusion for L5/S1 and like tmv stated I did end up with an infection after the anterior was done so my posterior was delayed. The infection luckily was not a staph infection but I ended up having to take 3 rounds of antibiotics before I was okayed to complete the procedure. I must admit it was a rough surgery but I know it was the right thing to do. My neurosurgeon does the abdominal part first then normally waits 2 weeks and goes back in through the back. He thinks it is too much to do at one time and I am glad he didn't.

I also had a minor infection in the back incision but nothing like what happened with the abdomen. My family says I always have an easy time with the surgery but always a rough time with the recovery. I ended up getting terrible nerve pain following my abdominal surgery on my right leg. I had great nurses during the day and they made sure they rotated my medication so I was taking something every 2 hours. They passed that information on to the night shift but that nurse didn't rotate them for me. She came in one night and I was crying and she apologized because she said she didn't want her patients to be in pain. Duh!!! The next day the day shift asked me how my pain was during the night and when I told her she really got mad and it didn't happen again. There is no reason for anyone to have to be in terrible pain and also trying to recover from major surgery.

He also had home health come back and take care of me for 3 weeks after my surgery. I ended up having a terrible reaction to Neurontin which caused me to retain large amounts of fluid. Actually I gained 12 lbs in 3 days and my legs where about ready to pop and they looked like I had a major sunburn with blisters. Terrible pain.

When I had my x-rays taken 3 months after the operations I noticed that they had the usual rods and screws on each side of the spine and also an additional screw in the MIDDLE of my disc. I have severe osteoporosis so I am thinking he put that extra screw in for additional support but forgot to ask the PA at that time.

I just had knee surgery this past Wednesday due to a tear in my meniscus and now my back is really hurting. I am hoping it is just spasms and will be better soon if not I guess I will be calling my neurosurgeon. I had 2 cervical fusions done prior to the lumbar surgery due to severe DDD.

We are all here for you and this board has been a god send to me and everyone here is so kind. Ask away on questions and if I can help I sure will respond back to you.

Take care and gentle hugs