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Hi there First off, welcome to the board. I agree with your doctor regarding the nerve pain. I had a L5-S1 PLIF in Nov '06. Had the same type of issues with leg and foot pain, and also pain when I would sit. Mine is due to scar tissue and nerve damage. Not saying that yours might be temporary. I had esi's to help with the pain, but unfortunately they didn't work for me. These injections do help some people though. I'm sure you'll hear from people who have had success with these. Are you on any meds for the nerve pain? I take Lyrica, and some people on this board are taking neurontin. Both have pros and cons. I can't take neurontin because it makes me very ill. I hope I helped alittle. Be well. Kathy
I am afraid the injections didn't work for me either but I appreciated my doc trying these conservative methods before recommending surgery.
I am on Lyrica because it helped me personally work with a clearer head. Neurontin made me really fuzzy-my family calls it "Moron-tin" because I couldn't even finish a sentence :jester:. Not funny at the time but looking back I can laugh.
I do take the larger dose at night. My doc recommended this to help me at work.
8-10 months is a long time to wait for pain to go away!
Praying for you! I hope the injections are successful for you!
Michelle :angel: