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I am 18 weeks post-op from a 2-level (L4/L5) spinal fusion surgery. At 11 weeks I showed very little bone formation and now at 18 weeks the same thing (according to my recent x-ray report). I'm getting a little anxious about not being fused. I go to the dr. on tomorrow with my x-rays for a check-up. I also found out in early July that my Vitamin D levels were low (either 10 or 14) and have since been put on Vitamin D supplements that I take once a week. I know Vitamin D is essential for bone formation, but I'm still worried that I won't fuse and if I don't, will I have to have a re-do?

Also, I'm taking 600 mg of Neurontin a day, but am still experiencing some leg pain and numbness -- especially in my right leg (my left leg is much better). My right ankle and foot stay numb all the time -- the only thing that changes is the degree of numbness. I'm also still experiencing occasional sciatic pain as well.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I went to the dr. on Thursday and as I already knew, no fusion yet; I was kind of upset. My dr. said I should not be -- I'm still very early post-op. He said that some people show fusion at 3 months and some not until 6 months -- apparently I'm falling into the 6 month category. I've been home on leave from my job since the end of February and was hoping he would say I could go back to work at least part-time in September, but he says no -- not until he sees a solid fusion.

In one of my other post I talked about my Vitamin D deficiency. Yep, that deficiency is playing a part in my not showing a fusion yet. I've been on Vitamin D since the first week in July, so I guess it takes a while to build up. My dr. also added 1200 mg of calcium too.

So now we just wait on my body to do its thing. I'm a bit down, but trying really hard not to be -- I was so looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. My dr. wants me to continue with my walking and continue with the Neurontin and he said the nerve problems and numbness that I'm experiencing will get better.

Thanks for letting me vent -- I don't know what I would do without these Boards -- it helps to know that others are going thru or have gone thru the things I'm going thru.