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Paula I CAN believe you forgot to ask because I have had that happen to me many times even when I had a list! Yes my husband couldn't understand that either and then my daughter told him that someone should go with me and help me so I don't forget. He doesn't say anything anymore. I hope the incision starts to looking better soon and glad you have a good relationship with your doctor because that means a lot.

Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy just planning your time back at your job. I wish you the best and let us know what the nurse has to say tomorrow about your incision. I had a lot of problems with Neurontin when I got home and was taken off of it but I had taken Lyrica before and had a bad reaction to it too. My neurosurgeon stated that sometime the cure can be worse then the problem and I think he was right on this one because I just stayed away from all of them and pray that it doesn't get real bad again.

Take care