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Does anyone else have any experience with this phenomenon?

I am 3 weeks out of an L5-S1 laminectomy, and in addition to all the other nerve pain I am experiencing (it's actually worse than before the surgery,) I often have a deep itch in my calf, foot, and my toes. It is not the skin that itches, it is much deeper than that...it almost feels like my muscles or bones are actually itchy...and of course, it is positively unscratchable.

Is there any solution for this? I recently started taking neurontin, will this help?

Thanks for any info and advice.


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Hi Josh~

No doubt it is a nerve sensation of some sort, and neurontin should help.
I figured the same thing, but it is absolutely driving me insane.

I was hoping someone had been through this before, because I can't seem to locate very much information on this particular nerve symptom.

I'm keeping up with the neurontin (1800mg/day), and at first, I thought it was really having an effect, but now, I'm not so sure.


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Josh ~

I did a little more research on the itching. I really do believe neurontin will help. It takes awhile to work and it takes awhile to reach the appropriate dosage. If it doesn't work, you can try Lyrica.

Also, are you on a muscle relaxant like skelaxan or flexoril? I took it here and there, not regularly as I never had what I would describe as muscle cramps or twitches...but it did help with my leg pain.

Hey MM...thanks for the additional info, I really appreciate it. I am really hopeful the neurontin will start to help...

I have some muscle relaxers around here somewhere, flexeril and soma i think...I'll try one this evening and see if that helps.



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