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I will try and make this short as possible but don't know if I can. I think everyone knows my history about anterior and posterior back fusion on L5/S1 back in January and March. I also had my knee surgery 6 weeks ago. I am in a lot of pain for the past week in my lower back left side. I know a lot of it is sciatica but I have major swelling in my feet, ankles and both legs and I have been to three doctors and they aren't sure what is going on.

It all started last Friday afternoon and I just all of a sudden got terrible back pain and I thought spasms and sciatica. Right after that I had NO control of my bladder for the rest of the day. I immediately called my neurosurgeon and got my favorite office person and her remark was " This is just great Linda here it is 1:00 in the afternoon on Friday before a 3 day weekend but I will give the message to the nurses and see if someone can call you back". Needless to say I was ticked and I told her that I didn't pick the time and the day for it to happen. Well finally at 3:00 p.m. his PA called and she said "Linda what is going on" and I explained and she remarked "Well here it is 3:00 in the afternoon on Friday before a 3 day weekend so I guess you just need to go to your family doctor or ER and have them do an x-ray because that is what we would do". I informed her also that I didn't pick the time and day. I had to be really careful all day regarding my bladder and if there was the slightes urge then I went. I was ticked and figured if they didn't care then I shouldn't either and I know better because I know about CES.

Well unfortunately my husband had a medical problem so mine was put on the back burner. His knee kept giving out on him and he wouldn't let me take him to the ER so I took care of him for the three days. The bladder problem did get better which is what it has done in the past. Is this common with CES to come and go? I also have a neurogenic bladder which was diagnosed 35 years ago but I don't really see a specialist for it.

Now go forward to Tuesday. I had already made an appt. with my family doctor in regards to my back and bladder since the surgeon's office acted the way they did. I also had to take my husband to the doctor for his appt, too. My family doctor (actually the nurse practicioner that I really admire) was really concerned and was floored how I was treated by the neurosurgeon's staff. She made sure I didn't have a kidney or UTI infection and took an ultrasound of my leg to make sure there wasn't a blood clot. She was shocked also about the swelling but she was going to get with my surgeon's office and ask them what x-rays they wanted done and also call the insurance and get approval for an MRI on my spine. That was Tuesday and I haven't heard anything back yet.

I went to knee surgeon on Wednesday and she said the swelling is not coming from the knee surgery but she said you definitely have something going on.

I went to my rheumatologist yesterday and he said it is definitely not my RA because it is not just the joints it is the whole legs and ankles and feet. He said he was going to get with my Endocrinologist because he thinks it might be my Thyroid but he also took a lot of lab work looking for any kind of inflammation.

So here I am a week later and I feel terrible. The bladder is better and I am back to wearing my pads but the swelling in my legs is terrible and I can't hardly walk. My back is killing me if I sit for very long or even stand. It is all on my left side which was the side that bothered me before my surgery.

I guess my question to all my buddies is: Have any of you had this type of swelling in your legs? If it is CES can it come and go? Also I am not on any nerve medication like Lyrica, Neurontin or Mobic because they all made my legs swell anyway so the doctors cannot explain the swelling but all agree that something is wrong. I am going to give it a couple more hours and if I don't hear anything back from my family doctor I am going to call them and ask why they have not set me up with a MRI yet. My rheumatologist told me yesterday that I just have so much going on with me that it makes it hard to diagnose.

Well this was long anyway. Let me know if any of you have any suggestions. I am so glad I have you all to come too because it is for sure no one else understands it. My husband has been limping around and complaining and I know he is hurting but he thinks that since he has a problem now that I am all healed so I have been doing more then usual because of taking up the slack of him being down.

Thanks everyone