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Hi there,

I have had chronic back/leg pain for 4 years, after I took a 20 foot fall off of a ladder. My trouble is at l4-l5, s1 + during the fall I screwed up both si joints. I have tried *everything*: Various cortisone shots, ESI's, phys therapy was waaaay too painful to even go there. I've been on everything from the Patch,morphine, methadone, neurontin, etc. I currently only take Vicodin 3x's a day and a Xanax at night (it seems to relieve some of the terrible hip/leg pain I get at night).

Dr. has done x ray's, 2 mri's (I have a 3rd on order), a discogram. I saw a surgeon who x'd out an ADR b/c the pain relief b/c of my SI joints would probably only be 60%. I'm only 37 w/ two kiddo's & a DH.

So, it's been over a year since I applied for SSD, waiting on my hearing. When I was going over some med records I noticed that my SI area is covered in Tarlov Cysts. I researched it and there seems to be disagreement on whether or not they are painful. My Dr. doesn't think so, but I read where they can mimick disc pain.

Any advice on the Tarlov Cysts ?

TIA, Trina