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I was diagnosed with this about a month ago. My symptoms sound EXACTLY like yours, and I also have it in my L5. I have the pars fracture and the L5 vertebrae is slipping forward. My pain started about 7 months ago, but it was only in my groin. Since then it has progressed to be in my left groin, down my left leg and into my foot, and all across my lower back. It also is worse in the later part of the day. On the really bad days I feel pain in both legs. I have also started having headaches on the left side of my head (I believe this is related). Any sort of activity and driving aggrivate my pain. On Tuesday, my husband, daughter and I walk 2 blocks to our voting site, and then 2 blocks home. I was MISERABLE as a result of that. I am only 27, healthy, and thin, so that is just not acceptable to me.
I am basically miserable and waiting for my next appointment with my Orthopedic. I have a 14 month old and am having a very difficult time taking care of her when my husband is at work. I also work full time and have already missed too many days as a result of this. I have already tried a steroid injection, which is supposed to help with pain but it did absolutely nothing for me. I am going to tell the doc that I want the surgery. The spinal fusion operation will not be a pleasant surgery, but I see no end in sight for this pain, and it will not be fixed until I have it done. My husband and I would also like more children and I refuse to get myself pregnant in this pain. We were actually going to try to get pregnant this spring, but that is obviously not going to happen.
Currently I am on 600mg of Neurontin at bed time, an anti inflammatory, and Vicodin. My mother in law gave me some Fioricet as well for my headaches. All this medication and yet I am still having a hard time functioning.
Make sure you get a referral to see an orthopedic. Don't take this lightly and watch your activity level and what you lift, if at all possible. I have a hard time with this due to the fact that I have an infant.
Good luck and let me know if I can answer any more questions!