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Good Morning Nancy,

So glad to see you back. Also glad you had a good time camping with Dave.
Sometimes thats what needs to be done. Have to live life and let the cancer sit back on the back burner. Other wise time will go by and the things you want to do there will be no chance to get done.

When my father was told his cancer had returned a year later we all went on a fishing trip, had a great time. Now there is other things he would enjoy although with the world the way it is who can afford to.

My dad is on nexavar and has been for about 6 weeks. He started out with a pill in the am and a pill in the pm. Max dose is two in the am and two in the pm. Although he had recently got off the med. sutent his doctor gave him some time to rest from that as he had some sides that were bothering him.
So here we are now with one pill in the am and starting two in the pm. As he has had his blood pressure go up as he increases his dose. SO we have to watch that as it could lead to a stroke. He was able to take the sutent for almost two years. It was no longer holding him stable so this is why the new meds.

My father has lung mets, left kidney mets (right kidney removed in 05) and he has it in the right pelvic bone and starting in the femur on the right. He has some we think in the thyroid as he has had thyroid issues since the cancer.I know there are a few other places but can not think of it now.

From what I read and hear from others he has done very well considering. Which I am so happy about. No one wants to see any one suffer and struggle to live life. At this time my sister in laws mom is battling IBC breast cancer and had both breast removed in april and now was told its back. I do not think this is very good. I feel for all those with this disease and hope some day they can cure it all. Probably not in my life time.

Hope all is well with my friends out there and thoughts and prayers to all.

A Friend Wendy :angel:
Hi Warriors,

Wendy, thanks for your nice message and the update on your dad. He really has done well in this battle. I hope the Nexavar works well for him. I've heard there are some nasty side effects with Nexavar, but that's the way it is with all these new drugs. Dave has horrible mouth sores, and my heart just breaks for him. I just keep telling him, "Wow, just imagine if this Torisel is doing this to your mouth, just think what damage it is doing to those cancer cells!"

I've really been worried about Dave for the past couple of days. Two nights ago he started coughing during the night. He hasn't done that since about the second week of Torisel. He's had no cough at all for 3 months now because the Torisel had shrunk the tumors in his lungs and lymph nodes. Now when I heard him coughing, my first thought was "Oh, no, the lung and lymph node tumors must be growing again." But he must have read my mind and said, "This cough doesn't feel like the same kind of cough I had before the Torisel." So that calmed me down just a little. Yesterday, though, he had a hot flash and was suddenly nauseated, sweaty, and really feeling hot and uncomfortable, just like when he had night sweats but this was during the day. I am just hoping and praying these aren't signs that things are getting worse again. He didn't cough at all during the night last night, which is a good thing. It is so hard not to jump to conclusions with every little ache and pain and cough he has that it's something with the cancer. I am really apprehensive about our CT scan which will be on Monday 10/20. I hope it is good news and that Dave can get his kidney out. That's what we are hoping for.

In addition to that, my 96-year-old grandfather is in the hospital on hospice care. The nurse just called me....his breathing is very irregular now, and they don't think he'll live thorugh the night tonight. I know I was somewhat prepared to lose him, but I am still sad. Just in the past 2 years now I have lost 3 grandparents, my mother, AND found out Dave has stage IV cancer. Wow. That's a lot to absorb. I am tired of grieving all the time.

Also, my little miniature Schnauzer, Ratchet, is very sick and the vet says if he is no better on Monday he will need exploratory surgery. It seems like the world is caving in on me. I appreciate your broad shoulders here on this forum, all you Warriors out there, who allow me to gripe and complain and cry and vent my feelings and still are so supportive. I appreciate all of you.

Mary Jean, I have thought of you quite a lot and hope things are getting a little better for you. I know you miss Stan terribly. I was just talking to my Dad, and he told me it really took him a little over a year after my Mom died before he even felt anything near normal. It takes a long time to heal after such a heartbreaking experience. Just take one day at a time and know that God loves you and is with you. And there are lots of people out here like me and Wendy who care and pray for you. I hope things are okay for you. Hang in there,

Hello all,

[SIZE="4"]Jackie it took my breath away to see you are back. Thats in a good way. I have been so worried about you and Keith. I am so sorry to hear about all he has been going through. Please know you are and have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will tell my dad hello and you do the same from him to Keith.

I have really missed you here. You were the first one that i ever chatted with on this type of thing. Welcome back, we will always be here for you.

Nancy, How is Dave doing? I know recovery is probably still in the process.

Update on my dad : He had his first scan since taking the nexavar and it shows he is stable. No decrease in anything. But not having any increase is very good ! I know he has lost some weight with this new med and we are just hoping it will level off. I hope the med continues to work for some time as there is others on the horzion. He has been so lucky with this cancer. There are so many that have had so many issues. Please know everyone is always a thought away.

We made it through Thanksgiving and now have to get through Christmas. Times are very tough and not sure how it will turn out. All I know is as long as we have each other thats all that matters to me. Hope every one is feeling okay and staying strong. I miss everyone.

A Friend Wendy :angel:
Good Day Ladies,


I really look forward to hearing from you. I get some what worried when the time goes by. I am so sorry to hear about Keiths friend at the treatment center. Best wishes to him with the treatment. I know the side effects are the wost part of dealing with this. He's been and will continue to be a very strong man. He is a true warrior. Please tell Keith hello from dad. :wave:

Dad and mom left for FL on the 12th. They were not going to go. However I could sense it was doing dad no good sitting here and getting more and more down. He said the other day he would be cured when he got home. Wish it worked that way !! He has been doing okay. He has lost about 30lbs with the nexavar so far. He is still within good range for weight though. He is very tired at times and has had some skin issues with this medicine. He will have another scan in March.

Mary Jean and Nancy how are you doing? Ellen? I know theres fewer and fewer visits here. As always thinking about you all.
Any way as for all the friends I have met here it worries me when I have not heard from you all.

A Friend Wendy :angel:
Good Morning Ladies,

I am sorry I havent been here to say hello. That doesnt mean I am not thinking about you. As I dod very often, I pray for you all too. I think its time to start another thread so I will Kidney Cancer Warriors Part Three. OK

I am sure you all will be there soon.

Jackie, I hope you are doing okay. Dad says hello back.. He is doing well. Hes been on nexavar now for some time. Only two pills a day. Suppose to be four. Any way he had a scan last week and we will find out on the 14th how things are going. Keeping fingers crossed.

Nancy, I hope you getting rest. How's Dave ?

Well I will see you on the new thread. Have a good day or weekend.

A Friend Wendy :angel: