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Hello fellow mom of JRA and internal bleeding. My son has the fevers that go along with the JRA. And the medicines they give him are not kind on his stomach. The first episode at 2.5 yr old put us in the hospital for a week with internal bleeding. We finally got diagnosed with severe acid reflux in 2003 and was put on Nexium 40mg for that. Everything seems to have improved for my son. Except that winter is coming so the limping is starting back. We have been almost 9 months without any arthritis medicine. The best thing I can suggest is to give him Tagamet prior to any arthritis medicine. It helps the stomach issues and they do find relief for the JRA too. What JRA medicine have they prescribed him? Mine takes Trilasate in the winters, but sometimes it's not enough. After the bleeding episode they will not prescribe any of the NSAIDs.