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Hi Jack,

I think you might be right about your swelling being from the Altace. If it is then Lasix will not help. Norvasc did it to me and Lasix did nothing for the swelling. It was only after the Norvasc was discontinued that I was able to finally see my ankles again.

Remember that different people react differently to certain medications. Just because you don't have the welts doesn't mean it's not the medication. If one person out of 1000 gets swelling plus the welts then they have to list it as a side effect even though the other 999 didn't have welts.

I was the same way with Nexium. I broke out into a rash and that is not listed as side effect. I didn't have any other side effects with it but the rash and itchiness was enough to drive me crazy. Inderal and Vasotec made me short of breath.

I hope you feel better.