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is there any chance that you are on a ppi. aciphex-protonix-nexium
No I am not on any ppi at the moment i did take nexium almost a year ago.
Thank you everyone for your responses, I will followup on looking into my diet as a reason for my syptoms. When my symptoms forst started I was not taking any medications or anything, i felt normal. It seems that suddenly I started ot feel sick one day where my lymph nodes were enlarged had a soreness all over my body and pain like stabbings all over. This then went away and I started to have stomach problems, after which I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers I recived treatment by using prevpak for about 2 weeks and then I sued nexium for about 3 months after. All the the symptoms I described were getting worse and worse. I recently started having gum, facial, skin irratation all over and I am not taking any meds other then doxycyline, for what dentist think I might have periodontal disease. The doxycyline does not seem to be the cause as I had the symptoms before taking the antibiotics. I think that all of the symptoms I have are somehow related to one thing, I have been trying to figure out if some food or something I am using could be causing my symptoms but so far no luck. Right now I am tkaing doxcyline which I have been on for about a week, and I am not taking anything else. Its just been so long since I felt healthy that I am worried about my condition. I thank all of you for your help.