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Hi !

I joined this health forum cause I feel as though I'm going through so many different things at the moment .
I don't know where to start ..haha !
Well, my whole life I've been a very nervous worried person I get anxiety pretty bad and also have a bit of a social anxiety , I worry so much about so many silly things and I think this is where all my problems start .
For years now I constantly nearly through up , I never do but I also can't burp so it's like my body really needs to get rid of air so I'm constantly retching and I hate it .I'm writing this msg tonight cause I have this huge lump in my throat It feels as though theres a block stuck in there and the feeling goes from my chest all the way up to between my ear and my throat .
I've also been experiencing discomfort with my ear If I lie on my right ear I feel so much pressure and It leaks watery liquid.
Also only at night I have to take Immodium some nights cause some nights something happens to my stomach and then I have to rush to the bathroom I hate going out incase it happens , I get really bad heart palpitations that offen last days and I also get really bad allergies I get hives every day and live on phenergan .
I've seen doctors they can't tell me much the all say to take antidepressants and I haven't yet and I'm on Nexium for throat , and phenergan for allergies .
Sorry for long post , Just wanted to see if anyone has been through similar things , I get so scared theres something serious wrong with me .
Any help would be so appreciated !!
Thanks for reading .