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I took your advice and am drinking OJ right now. I also ate a banana and had some water. Everything looks Ok, urine etc. My stomach feels weird all day (more than usual). It hurts a lot and there is nausea. I mentioned that to my doctor, too, and all I got was: would you like some Nexium?.... I answered no, thank you!
He said no lab tests were necessary today...so I'll bug him next week. He is not worried about my potassium levels at all due to Spiro. He says Spiro will balance any potassium loss out. I guess the main thing is that my kidney function is good. When I mentioned the uric acid testing, he was quick to point out that HE does not worry about getting gout...so I guess I should not either? Well, of course I do! But if the uric acid levels cannot be measured accurately, anyway, I guess there's not much we can really do to protect ourselves from having the crystals pop up in our feet. The report from the pulmonology function testing has not arrived yet so it will be dealt with next week (hopefully).
Thank you for your concern & your advice, I really appreciate it. :)