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[QUOTE]I hope to be able to decrease my HCTZ to 12.5 without getting my b/p out of control.

I'll see if I can do the same, depending on what my BP does. I certainly don't want it to get too low and start getting the dizzy spells again. Because my dose of beta blockers increased, I'll probably have to decrease the Hctz.

Thank you for mentioning the heat intolerance the beta blockers cause. I completely forgot about that. I am still getting used to mine and actually physically feel it affecting my heart. There's this tightness and a dull, achy type of a feeling. I've quite forgotten what the beta blockers feel like. I was off of them for almost four months.
It's so good you mentioned the target heart rate. I will not worry about mine. Things are a little different for us. I believe that it might be impossible for us to achieve our target heart rates anyway while on the beta blockers. Not to mention UNSAFE. My shortness of breath/exercise intolerance does not help. It's better to play it safe. If I find I can't keep up at work (and I should know after a couple of days), I'll ask for another position. It's not like I can ever expect to be the same as before. I am not. I know several people who had been through various hardships that returned to work. (Part time, but that's another issue). They encourage me to do the same.

[QUOTE]Are you treating your acid reflux? Are you sure you have AR cause not all people with hiatal hernia have AR?

Well, that's what the doctor at the hospital who did the tests put in his report. He said my swallowing reflex was fine (I have this lump in the throat type of a feeling and swallow a lot -it does not help). My stomach is fine except for the reflux. It's now being treated with Nexium for three months to start. The Nexium has made my constant nausea all but disappear. And my breathing is better now. I wonder if the SOB is caused by the hernia. I started getting these painful, weird muscle spasms in the abdomen under the left ribs. There's a bulge I push back with my hands. I think I might have another hernia, unless it's the actual muscle. I'll have to wait until I see another doctor sometime. My GP dismissed my concern without bothering to check or feel the area where they happen. He says everybody gets muscle spasms (he does too, of course!!!) and that they are harmless. He also said my problems stem from anxiety. That's a new one! I got all my prescriptions and won't go back to him for 3 months. He does nothing for me anyway.
I am leaving tomorrow morning to visit my son & family. It's such a LONG drive. Will be back in a few days.