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My friend, a pre-diabetic, told me to cut out the milk. She had been asked to do this by her dietician. It does something - I forget what- that affects the glucose levels. When I last saw my dietician, she told me to cut back on the yogurt because I was eating so much of it at the time. I stopped buying it altogether.
From the milk group, I sometimes have a piece of cheese or a glass of milk. Not too much, I have to watch my cholesterol levels and the calories. I've been wanting to talk to my other friend who has diabetes about these things but haven't had a chance. I don't know how well informed she is, having been diagnosed just last year. We used to have all kinds of books on this subject, purchased after my hubby's diagnosis of diabetes. I gave them away long ago. I hope I don't have to buy them all over again...
I eat the nuts because I cannot take the meds on an empty stomach. I doubt they would stay down if I did that. Sometimes I have a soft kiwi or an orange instead. These are the things I can eat when I am nauseous, which is every morning. I wake up that way. How's that for being allergic to mornings? A girl from work suggested soda crackers. Of course, they'd have to be salt-free.

I am really confused regarding what I should or should not eat. I talked to a pharmacist today (had to get Nexium and a Norvasc info sheet) who offered conflicting advice. As far as I know I don't have to watch the amount of protein I eat. I am not sure though. I think I need to talk to a dietician again. I had the testing done at the hospital this morning. I won't go back for the results until my next day off. I am thinking of not going back there at all. It would be nice to see my glucose level reduced to normal.
I had bread with butter twice today (bad) and a small strawberry shortcake for dessert which I'd made using no sugar. I cooked salmon fillets for my lunches for work. Fish is good in any diet and always a safe bet. :)