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Here's a little background before I get to the actual question. Sorry that it's long, I'm just not sure what information is important and what's not.

I'm normally pretty healthy except for being lactose intolerant. (NO headaches, gastrointestinal upsets are always due to consumed dairy and are manageable) The last time I went to an ER was for stitches when I was 10. I see my doctor for checkups, but rarely anything else. (I sleep through colds and flus, since I know doctors can't help)

December- I got really sick in the first week of December (A bad reaction to a strong antibiotic for acne gave me extreme heartburn) Before that, I'd never had heartburn or acid problems. It was so painful I couldn't eat, breath, drink water etc. I've never given birth, or broken a bone, so this was one of the most painful things I've ever felt. (It didn't let up at ALL, EVER, until I went to the doctor a week later) I went on Nexium, which slowly worked. By mid-January I was feeling pretty close to my normal self and able to eat most foods.

January- One week into my near-recovery I got sick again. I vomited everything I ate/drank. I couldn't hold down ANY fluids, medications etc. After 72 hours, my doctor said to go to the ER for an IV. I got IV fluids and IV gravol. (And 'blood tests' which came back 'fine' including NOT pregnant) I ate the 'BRAT' diet for 3 days, then worked on eating some solid foods. Both the BRAT and solids made me nauseous and vomiting. (But then again, so does an empty stomach, water, etc) I've monitored my eating and I don't see any patterns. (Spicy doesn't matter, fatty isn't a problem, etc)

February- Since then, I've had extremely painful tension headaches, stiff neck, extreme nausea and vomiting about every 2-4 days. My doctor gave me strong tranquilizers and painpills for the head/neck which helped. He said that the head/neck were causing the nausea and vomiting, which seemed reasonable to me. I took the pills and the headache/neck ache is better. (It was only a three day prescription. I'm not a drug seeker and I don't want to get addicted to anything.)

But I'm still sick. I'm still vomiting and having a hard time holding down food. I've lost 10-15 pounds since December, mostly because I've been obsessively eating whenever I can. I also take 4+ gravel pills a day, which helps me hold down food, but doesn't actually help the nausea.

My doctor said if the painpills/tranquilizers don't make a noticeable difference by yesterday (when the prescription ran out), I should go back to the ER complaining of a headache (and make it sound like a migraine) so I can skip wait times in labs and clinics (My awesome husband's employer health insurance pays for both equally, so it's not a money saver/loser to do either option) The pills DID make a difference with my head and neck, but it seems the stomach nausea wasn't actually caused by them. He also did a pregnancy test, which was also negative. (I tried to explain that constantly vomiting didn't contribute to feeling sexy, hence I doubted it was physically possible to be pregnant, but he tested anyways. So, the nausea is NOT morning sickness)

Question- My question....I've been nauseous and vomiting for weeks. The nausea hasn't stopped, not once, not even for an hour. It's obviously distracting and is keeping me from doing my normal daily life. Do I wait months and months for clinic tests, or go to the ER and fake a migraine in order to get a correct diagnosis? (As per my doctor's advice) I feel bad about lying to the ER to get help, but I don't know what to do...and my doctor said to do it, since he can't get me any specialist appointments for months.

And if it matters...I have a career-requisite exam early in March (Like the GRE, MCAT or LSAT). If I'm unable to take the test, or start studying more to pass I have no real job until I can retake the test in a year. So fixing this quickly is really important.

If anyone has advice (especially ER staff who could tell me if they'd hate me forever for doing this, or consider it just a little bit reasonable) I'd appreciate it.

Thank you