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Well, looks like I got to start on a beta-blocker again, this time it's Coreg. My blood pressure shot up pretty high yesterday when I saw the dr, 160/114. Early monday morning, I had skipping sensations in my heart, chest pain (felt kind of like a dull ache) and dizziness, so I went to the hospital. I also had some heartburn and bloating. They gave me Nexium and this GI Concoction that numbs your stomach, diagnosed me with GERD and palpitations and sent me home. A couple of hours later I started having shortness of breath and went back up there. They ran blood tests and told me my potassium was low, around 2.5 and gave me some potassium. Both times when I was there my bp was pretty high, so it looks like the HCTZ wasn't going to be enough, so my doctor is starting me on Coreg. I was given a prescription for Atenolol but I don't want to go back on that stuff again cause it slowed my heart rate down in the 40s and scared me to death lol So I'm hoping that coreg won't be as bad.

Sorry to hear abou your problems. So which meds are you on now? Hctz, Nexium, coreg and lisinopril?
Your potassium deficiency must be corrected. Oral potassium is the safest way to treat mild or moderate deficiency. Take the liquid formulation you were given as directed. It is easily absorbed. 40-100 mEq a day over several days or weeks is used to treat hypokalemia and fully restore potassium stores. Dietary potassium does not correct potassium loss from choloride depletion, such as from diuretics or vomiting.

The diuretic you take will not be helping the matters at all.
Some of your symptoms can be attributed to your medication. Coreg can cause stomach pain, nausea, shortness of breath, slow and uneven heartbeat......This is what is recommended when using coreg as treatment in hypertension.
Starting dose..6.25mg 2x a day
maintain 7-14 days if tolerated
increase to 12.5mg 2x a day based on BP readings, measuring systolic blood pressure while the person is standing, one hour after administration, as a guide for tolerance
maintain 7-14 days
adjust upward to 25mg 2x a day if tolerated and needed
Do not exceed 50mg a day. Full effect seen in 7-14 days. Additive effects when combined with a diuretic.
A lower dose of Coreg might be enough since you take the Hctz also. I hope it works for you. Watch those stomach meds - sometimes they cause more problems than they cure!

Good luck! :)