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Hi: I hope someone has had this and can help. I went in for my annual breathing test where you really strain to blow air out, and that night it all started. I felt like I couldn't breath. My doctor said my pulse ox was fine so it might be acid reflux. But I have no heartburn and have this"feeling" of burning not in my stomach by all the way up my brochial tube and throat and mouth, but only on the left side. I have also had to yawn alot? I have read some things about the VAgus nerve? I also get a backache between my shoulder blades at times. I have been taking nexium for a few weeks now. The doctors ran a CT scan of my lungs, but nothing showed up. They did an echo of my heart, but nothing. The other doctor said it acid reflux could be a cause, but why only on one side and no heartburn, And the feeling is like a nerve is inflamed or pitched. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I am starting to be very worried the docs won't find a problem/fix and this is affect my life stlye/work. They have me on 80mgs. of nexium and now I have the chills/shakes. Thanks: