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For the past four years I have suffered from constant pain in my upper abdomen, roughly three or four finger widths above my belly button. It's dead center, not off to the side as is often encountered. It feels like a constant, gnawing, ache, and as if there were a fist lodged in my abdominal cavity about three inches below the skin. However, there is no physical obstruction present. This pain is accompanied by perpetual nausea that renders me unable to eat without taking a Zofran beforehand. My entire family line on my Mother's side is constipated and I am no exception, however this does not seem to matter in this case.

On a daily basis I take a Zofran, one to four depending how bad I am feeling on that particular day but always at least one in order to eat. One Nexium, which seems to improve my general feeling of blah and alleviates a bit of the nausea. In two little experiments I took myself off the Nexium and received intensified nausea and feeling of ill health both times. Along with all this is 18mg of Hydromorph Contin for pain relief, this volume is barely enough to keep me sane let alone offer any real level of pain relief.

As for doctors and tests I have seen: A family physician on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. Two gastroentronologists, an endocrinologist, and three psychologists. Only one doctor, one of the gastroentronolgists actually seems to think I'm sick. As for tests I have had: Two upper GI's, a lower GI, a small bowel follow through, a gastroscopy with three seperate biopsies from the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum, an abdominal CT scan, two abdominal ultrasounds, and more blood work than I care to think about. Everything has come back clear. A food digestion test was performed, it returned slow. Although these findings have been blamed on the pain medication.

While it may be unrelated, I thought I'd mention it anyways. About two or three years before I first got sick I noticed I was having some muscle tremors whenever my muscles were under stress. I'd get tremors in my calves when walking down stairs, or in my forearms when trying to scoop out some frozen yogurt. I was anemic for a couple months around the time the pain started, it has since been treated and gone away. I had a hernia when I was born which was repaired when I was four.

Any ideas?