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Hi again! The SI joint pain you described is pretty much how it is, lower back, buttocks, leg and foot. Aside from the stabbing pain down the back of your leg, sometimes it just feels like that one leg weighs 100 lbs more than the other. At least that is the case for me anyway. I am really anxious to see how things turn out with this new doc. Maybe he will take Tricare soon. One can only hope.

I've been in such agony this week I just want to boohoo. Don't do it often but after today, I think I might just give in here soon! In the good news department I was bored out of my mind Sunday and the clouds lifted and the sun came out so I decided to get off of my perch (hee hee) and see how far I could walk. I haven't made it too far since my surgery 2 yrs ago due to the pain I still have but I actually walked 2 miles. I was so proud of myself. :cool: Now I know I can do it. It was rough especially since my entire leg is numb now from the buttocks down, but I forced myself not to limp and kept on trucking.

Hi Moldova, so good to hear from you! Cholesterol meds, I was on Niaspan for a few weeks until I developed a nasty rash, odd that it came on gradually. Stopped taking it, rash went away and so did the drowsies. Doc made me start taking Lipitor instead. I took that for about a week. I had ugly test results on my bloodwork so I had to go back today. He reviewed all of my bloodwork and couldn't believe he put me on anything to begin with. I had a false positive on the first one due to pizza and Ice cream the night before. I kept telling him it was high for that reason but he wouldn't listen. Now he is so I get to stop at least one med! Yeah! I do, however have to diet. :(

So, back to my bloodwork....my stupid WBC and lymphocytes and a few others are all way too high so he is sending me to an Oncologist. I have to say I've tried not to get upset but it was a scary thing to hear. I don't think anything else is wrong with me but I don't want to worry unless I have to. I am a bit freaked though. Just when I finally started getting job interviews again too. (I don't want to go back to work yet but hubby says I need to so I can get back to life and PM doc says I need to too. My body says, what are you nuts?) I am leaving it in Gods hands.

I'm sorry to intrude on your post Leslie but you guys are my buddies and I really didn't want to post this out to all, front and center if you know what I mean. I'm still praying for you my friends!