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Ok in researching some on beta blockers and allergic reactions, two things came out that pertained to this post.

Allergen extracts for skin testing—Beta-blockers may increase the risk of serious allergic reaction to these medicines

And to be notified if on Calicum Channel Blockers
Calcium channel blockers (bepridil [e.g., Bepadin], diltiazem [e.g., Cardizem], felodipine [e.g., Plendil], flunarizine [e.g., Sibelium], isradipine [e.g., DynaCirc], nicardipine [e.g., Cardene], nifedipine [e.g., Procardia], nimodipine [e.g., Nimotop], verapamil [e.g., Calan])

I am beginning to question if being on a beta blocker is worth the risk for me-mine is being prescribed 25mg daily Atenolol for rapid heart rate induced by panic attacks, and BP spikes for the same, especially stressful provoking situations that brings on extreme anticipatory anxiety/panic. :confused: