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Here's a sad example of my GP's mindset:
I saw him last month and AGAIN he came at me with the SPHIG from Hades. We always do battle over this and I relented knowing full well that my white coat and raging white hot fury at having lost the battle would have my BP off the wall. It was!

He said "Maybe we should add a channel blocker." I said that I'd tried a month of Norvasc (Pfizer) and it was a truly monstrous drug...like amphetamine for me and it also caused ugly swollen ankles! I said I'd be willing to do a trial with verapamil even though it gives my sistter headaches (we respond the same to almost all drugs) or better yet generic nifedipine. Guess what, he lost interest in writing me a prescription and I got none.
I have a STRONG hunch he was determined that I was goiing to walk out of there with brand name NORVASC at $2 a pill or nothing at all.

Remember that, though the ALLHAT results were published in 2002, the study was STARTED in 1994. Appropriate drug pricing from that period might be the better way to judge which drugs were being PUSHED to generate profits. I think perhaps that in the early '90's none of the ACE inhibitors had yet come on line generically (Capoten is Bristol Myers.) I have a couple antique PDR's and it looks like only one company, MYLAN, made the generic captopril in 1996...and that was approved February 13, 1996! [ VASOTEC (enalapril) lost it's patent August 22, 2000.]

My cardiologist is a major researcher and thus has garnered MUCH work over the years from drug companies. We really are behind tthe eight ball as long as these guys hold the prescription pad and the force of law.