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Thanks so much for the information :) I still hope their is a physical cause for my problem. I guess if there isn't this will be my reality. That's really interesting about the meds. I really like to avoid drugs, especially since I have IBS and must avoid constipation or I swing the other way. It seems like almost everything affects the GI system :(

So far I have only tried what the doc has given with mostly unsucessful results, which are topical muscle relaxants, nifedipine and nitroglycerine. It's weird, when I take these it's like I can feel the relaxation but I can still also feel the sore spots. I also tried oral muscle relaxants with no success. I have also had mixed success with a heating pad and hot baths. What's really weird is how it comes and goes, and is not dependent on stress level or anything seemingly psychological, but rather is ALWAYS worse in the evening. I sure how I can unravel this mystery. It took me years to figure out my IBS, and now this :(

Wow, you sure seem to know a lot about chronic pain. What do you suffer from?