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Quote from Lenin:

There is a significant falloff of effectiveness towards the last half of once a day dosing with felodipine but most people get satisfactory all-day coverage with the regular felodipine nevertheless. I would think that the ER version would certainly cove the whole day for you.
Perhaps it has to do with your natural diurnal rhythms?

If you want to better cover the entire day, then perhaps dosing twice a day is a better idea than doubling the dose. I know that splitting time release pills isn't usually a good idea, but try it and see (split the 5 mg. into 2- 2.5mg and take 12 hous apart!) There's no substitute for personal experience.

That is what I think also, re your first paragraph; except I want to know the mechanics of output in extended release: is it at a uniform volume, i.e., so much per time interval, and how long that uniform volume of release will continue before the supply is depleted.

Splitting extended release tablets according to what I read is not advisable, because as I understand it, these extended release tablets have a kind of a container with pores that will release the medicine gradually; so if we break it into two parts, both part will be a torn open half of that whole bag before. In which case the medicine will come out in one release which can trigger a sudden extreme hypotension -- as I had discovered to my dismay with plain Nifedipine.

Thanks for your reply and I think I will have to contact manufacturers of Felodipine extended release.