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First line of defense for salt-sensitives is, of course, diuretics. Have you worked your way through these (pardon my memory?) THere are several different types so a problem with one might not occur with another. I think all salt sensistive hypertensives should be on a diuretic formulation if they can't keep sodium intake to ridiculaouly low levels....like a gram??

I really think that ARB's are a useless class of meds for salt sensitive hypertensives...they make them LOOK better by prescribing thiazides with them to get any results.

I'm not up on clonidine nor have I ever taken it but it's a different bird that acts throiugh the central nervous system. From what I read it interacts with many other drugs. Thus the dizziness, blurred vision and anxiety might not be unexpected with or without the Diovan. WHy not just stop the Diovan (since it's doing little) and see if it is playing a role in your symptoms or it's the clonidine doing it all by itself...or indeed, something else???

Salt sensitives are supposed to do well with CCB's but my only experience was a bad one with Norvasc...poor control and nervousness...but then I was taking it with atenolol at the time, so who knows. I MIGHT give diltiazem a try down the road.

Alpha blockers haven't been thoroughly tested and often cause that old dizziness and a sped up heart...best for men who ALSO have swollen prostates. Usually used in combination with other antihypertensives.

Work your way through the CCB's to find one you like...generics like veramamil and nifedipine are pretty cheap. Don't pile them onto the clonidine and Diovan though, otherwise you won't know which way is up.
Sometimes your choice depends on other conditions...for example some CCB's lower heart beat strength or speed more, some treat hypertension better...so someone with JUST hypertension might make a different choice from someone with hypertensive heart failure and yet different from a hypertensive with occlusive angina.
But take the CCB with a diurtetic if humanly possible.

If I see more on alpha-blockers I'll let you know but there was SOMETHING that scared me away...I can't find that file!