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I had the savory dilation twice, the second one was done after more than a month after I had the first one, but before six months. Sorry, I don't remember exactly. I do not have esophageal stricture, I have esophageal spasms. The first dilation worked well for me (after I tried for a few months , unsuccesfully, nifedipine, pepcid, acifex) but I was still choking and had problems eating, and I was still loosing weight. My GI said considering that the first dilation helped we can try a second one. I did not notice the same improvement (if any) that I had experienced with the first one. The only side effect for me was increased reflux. To control this I switched to protonix, which worked better than aciphex for me. This was in 2002. I ended up having Botox for the esophageal spasms in 2003, which worked really well for me for the first 7-8 months. I still have difficulties swallowing, but they are rare and manageable. I am sorry I don't have any advice for you, I can just tell you what my experience was with this procedure.
Good Luck!