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My current regimen is 80 mg. Lasix which is the bedrock of my treatment and either 50 or 100 mg. Cozaar depending on which bottle I grab. Sometimes I split the Cozaar 50-50 and take it the same time I take my 40-40 Lasix, approximately 12 hours apart. This regimen is giving me control to better than 120/80 on average...yesterday 116/64 (3 groups of 3 readings over 4 hours.)

Thaks, RF. I firmly agree that ACE inhibitors are MUCH better drugs than ARB's however I am a COUGHER and spent 6 months with horrible bronchial spasm decades ago before I got wise to the side effect of enalapril (Vasotec.) As a salt-sensitive, neither ARB nor ACE is a very good drug class for me.

My GP mentioned that I should try a channel blocker. I said I'd LOVE to do a trial of verapamil or nifedipine (I know both are generically cheap) but NOT Norvasc which I tried and would NEVER try again. He lost interest in the CCB topic at that point so it was obvious that CCB to him (and to many doctors) means NORVASC and nothing but.
Maybe down the road sometime I'll insist on a verapamil trial (I AM a salt sensitive hyper after all and CCB's and diuretics are the way to go.)

A good cardio workout really means a heart-rate that is higher than 120 although a rate betweeen 110 and 120 for a very long time can be a good fat burner. Of course the younger you are the higher these levels should be. For cardio I aim for something over 130.

I did an entire HOUR yesterday split between the treadmill and the elliptical :bouncing: ...AGAIN very difficult to get over 140 (but I did manage 130.) This was 6 hours after the Cozaar 50 mg. AND 45 minutes of heavy iron work so perhaps what I am seeing is a "training" effect rather than a Cozaar effect. I'll keep watching and time will tell.
(Needless to say, today will be a "gentler" day...probably the most exertion will be a third walk to the buffet table...Indian!)