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I know that it is too expensive and that there are far cheaper similar drugs available.
SULAR is the calcium channel blocker nisoldipine, it is similar to nifedipine which costs a fraction of what SULAR does.

Look for these side effects:
upset stomach
dizziness or lightheadedness
flushing (feeling of warmth)
fast heartbeat
excessive tiredness
nasal congestion
sore throat
but especilly, SWELLING of the arms or legs (ankles)

The maker, FIRST HORIZON, claims HUGE BP drops compared to other drugs...but at over $2 a pill it should do card tricks.:D
If it works as well as claimed there should be no need for the HYZAAR, a pretty weak combo drug that also costs too much. Just hydrochlorothiazide plus the nisoldipine (SULAR) should be all you need.

If that combo works well, then you are a classic salt sensitive hypertensive.

P.S. Whenever I see the word SULAR, my mind sees it as SULAR THE MAGNIFICENT and it's a mid-east warrior in the 10th century on a white horse wearing gold and silk robes waving a curved scimitar over his head. :jester: