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Update information on Afeditab that replaced my Norvasc....I had an ongoing reaction to Afeditab that got worse as the weeks pass and did not know it, I thaught it was just something I had to get used to untill last Thursday night...knee ache and swelling ( was on going ) ... ankle swelling ( was on going )... I starting feeling light headed all the time but thursday was the day that I had to stop taking it. I felt almost as if I was going to pass out. I had a reaction to Nifedipine ( afeditab ) I had overdose symtoms with a normal BP....After stopping, within 12 hours I felt almost perfect with very little raise in BP. I called my Doctor and I am now on a new Med called lifinopril (ace inhibitor ). So far so good.....Its all good information and I hope this helps other readers.................. :-)