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My cardiologist wants me on amlodipine my nephrologist has recommended nifedipine. Can anyone tell me the difference? Im sick to death of all these BP meds! I was on atenolol for over 20 years with no side effects ever but for some reason my pulse dropped to 43 so i have been taken off it. I feel terribly anxious, bad tempered and ive only taken one dose 5mg of the amlodipine. Anyone?? please give me advice. I do believe atenolol has a calming influence and now im off it i just feel bad. I also finally was taken off the candesartan (atacand) which is a diabolical drug.
Amlodipine is Norvasc (sp) by the way. Nifedipine is Adalat.
I have never taken nifedipine but I took amlodipine for a month prior to my angioplasty. I truly hated the drug becasue it made me nervous and fidgety all day long with periods of pure RAGE coming on out of the blue. Although I got a LOT done that month with the infernal urge to go-go-go, it was an exhausting experience.

If you are experiencing that "amphetamine-like" reaction after the first Norvasc, I recommend you give a listen to your kidney doctor and try the nifedipine (it's also LOTS cheaper and generic.)