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My doctor justed switched me from 90mg nifedipine to 180mg verapamil I am currently taking with Verapamil- 40mg lisinopril 25mg hctz and 12.5mg atenolol after 4 days blood pressure is about 140/90. the nifedipine seemed to control it a little better. Doc says if this dosage don't work after about a week he is going to double it to verapamil 360mg. Anyone have any advice. Should I double it or try something else or should I go back to nifedipine and increase that. I feel horrible on both nifedipine and verapamil. I always have funny feelings in my head. Like throbbing heart beat on right side or dizziness like room is spinning. Trying to kick Atenolol I'm down to 12.5mg from the 50mg i was on the past couple years, but can't take less than the 12.5 without bad side afffects. CCB seem to control my BP best.