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Im a 20 yr old from Ireland, I was diagnosed with PSA in febuary of this year although Id symptoms from as far back as 2000 but I never did anything about it just used over counter pain relief, but this year I the morning stiffness and all pain became too much I used set my alarm for 6am so I could get up for 8 without anyone realising I was so stiff it was when away for a weekend with my mom when I cried all night in my sleep and couldnt move for 3 hours in morning she decided to make me go to the doctor, since then its been a whirlwind It affects almost every joint, ive psorisis on my scalp and a few skin patches its the pain and swelling and stiffness in my joints that really bother me I also have bowel bleeds and chronic anaemia asthma , hypermobility syndrome and history of ovarian cysts and aterial clots i had major surgery to correct this and since then it seemed to kick this off, I first was tried on difene 200mg a day then added deltracortil of 40mg reducking down to 5mg this helped settle it but once i came off the steroids it flared up again so the decided bcoz of this and errosive signs on my bone scans to start me on methotrexate, im on it 4mths but im still in agony and get really bad swelling and redness and pain, im now on MTX 15mg, 15mg of deltracortil(predenisol) 200mg difene a day 80mg oxycontin, oxynorm5 to 10mg as i need it and 400mgtramadol and 4gsolpodol 100amitriptyline 7.5mgzimovane 20mglexapro, 40mg nifedipine, 40mg nexium, im on stemitil to help the nausea, ive steroid creams nd lotions and folic acid to help control side effects of MTX yet im still losing my hair and getting lots of infections and even on iron injections twice a week im still chronically anaemic witha Hb of 10 which is high for me as it was 7.6 Im wondering if anyone has had similar problems or does anyone have any advice for me im v depressed and feel very isolated by this disease and would love to hear from ppl who understand where im coming from, thanks for taking the time to read my message hope to hear from some of ye.

also is anyone on humira?? my rheumotologist is talking about starting me on this also
and im waiting to see my pain specialist to review my pain meds adn get me better pain relief
i find heat pads very good too if that can help anyone
chell xxxxx:)