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A channel blocker would be my second choice. :D:D
Proably trial and error will find a drug in one of those two classes that block the spasm with the least amount of annoying side effects.

If I were to take a channel blocker to decrease vaso-spasm, I'd probably start with verapamil and see how that went.

It's going to be a lot of trial and error...and the BIG problem is all drugs in both these classes lower blood pressure.

Nitro may well be the answer but in an extended formulation like a patch. Perhaps the lower dose over a longer time will prevent the spasm without causing the migraine.
I have taken the sublingual nitrate and gotten many a headache so I know what you are talking about.

BTW, one of the channel blockers, nifedipine, has been used to TREAT migraine...so maybe a low dose that won't cause too much BP lowering is worth a try. I like drugs that accomplish 2 or 3 goals...instead of one or NONE :D:D:!

For anxiety, I recommend diazepam (Valium) hands down...5 mg./day!