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Hello all, this is my first post.

I have been dealing with an anal fissure for years, and finally saw a specialist a couple of months ago, who recommended high fiber diet, fiber supplements, soaks and stool softeners, all of which I did and have been doing. Unfortunately, my fissure has not healed. I went back to this same specialist again, who...during our first appointment said that there were other things we could try if the diet didn't heal the fissue...and he said that he thinks I should do the surgery.

This scares me a lot....the possibility of incontinence, for someone who is in her early 20's, is absolutely terrifying. I know the chance is small, but it really bothered me that he recommended surgery so quickly.

Ive noted that surgeons seem to have no bedside manner whatsoever, and it really bothers me. This guy is very to the point, very factual, and not very emotional at all. I asked about other options, (nifedipine, botox, nitroglycerine) and he said that they were all more trouble than they were worth.

I am getting a second opinion from another doctor at a different practice, but what if I DO end up having the surgery???? I am scared out of my mind, but i am getting SO tired of having to deal with this day in and day out.

I need to make a decision soon, because my insurance runs out in april and then I'll have to get crappy insurance through my university. I am hoping that this second opinion is going to help, but I cant help but be scared. Surgery itself is terrifying enough, but then you think about having someone cut down there...and realize the possible consequences, and its almost enough to make you opt out of the surgery...

Does anyone have any advice, or could you tell me about your experiences with different treatment options???