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Yes, I have the same exact problem that you do. I had a hemorrhoidectomy that led me to having a fissure which is more painful than my hemorrhoids. :mad:

PLEASE stop using the hydrocortisone!!! I have only heard that it causes thinning of the tissue down there which is NOT what you want.

Any doctor that wants to do surgery right away for a fissure should not be trusted. What type of doctor are you seeing for your fissure? You need to see a colorectal doctor. You need to get one of the following prescription creams for fissures: nitroglycerin cream 0.2%, nifedipine, or dialitezem (sp). These medicines help to relax the muscle that is in spasm. I am presently using the nitro and have finally seen some improvement in my pain and healing. If the creams don't work for me then my second line of defense is doing to be a Botox injection down there. It is supposed to relax the muscle in spasm also.

I do NOT want the sphincerotomy (LIS) surgery either. That surgery has a very small chance of leaving you fecally incontinent. I know the risks of this are small but I have been in contact with someone from this board who was left incontinent from the surgery 9 years ago. Please change doctors if you must to get one of the three prescriptions that I mention above.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I have had my fissure since November and am on my third doctor as most docs just don't understand the pain and severity of a fissure and what medicines to use for them. I point blank asked my second colorectal doctor for those topical meds listed above he wouldn't prescribe them for me so I moved on to my present colorectal doctor who has had a lot of success using them with his patients.

Please be your own advocate. Stop the Analpram HC and call for those other medicines. What I have found about fissures is the longer you have one the longer it takes to heal one. I kick myself for not leaving my second doctor quicker as I may be farther along with my healing by this point.

Healing prayers to both of us,:angel:
Hello! I just discovered this board and thank goodness for that! First, it appears that I am the only male who has yet to respond to the topic at hand. What's that all about? Any who, I had been experiencing pain (for about 2 months) whenever I went to "pass a bowel movement." Finally, after about another month (making it 3 months in total) I decided to visit the doc. He informed me I had a left anal fissure. And that it probably occurred as a result of a hard bowel. He sent me to a colorectal doc/surgeon who immeidately prescribed Nifedipine. It is an ointment that must be manufactured/produced by a pharmacist (not an over the counter drug), therefore, a CVS or Rite-Aide is NOT an option. You must go to a "real" pharmacy - one that makes drugs. So today is my first useage of the ointment. I am to take it twice a day (every 12 hours). If the fissure does not heal, as well as the pain eradicating, in about 3 to 4 weeks, then we will talk about other course(s) of treatment. So hope all goes well.

By the way, my doc also recommended that I take a Metamucil type fiber supplement. I used it for about two days and said enough of that! I went to the bathroom once after about two days useage of Metamucil, and I thought that I was about to "meet my maker." The pain was EXCRUTIATING, and I never passed that bowel. I had to get up and come back later. And then it was painful as all heck! It was as if the bowel(s) were so large that they stuck upon exiting the canal. Note: the first attempt, in passing a bowel, never left the anus. Who knew something so innocuous/common as passing a bowel could be SO PAINFUL!

Funny story - About seven years ago I had to take my dog (also male) to the Vet because whenever he went to "make," he would wence. The problem you ask? He had a closed left anal fissure. The Vet prescribed prednisone and informed me that in a few weeks it would heal. And, it did! And what do I have, you ask? A left anal fissure. Go FIGURE! Let's hope surgery is NOT necessary.

Thanks for all the info on the board, concerning surgery. I will pursue any and all options but surgery. Unless of course, it is the only option left.